Online Business | Is This The Correct Time to Start During Pandemic?

Online Business | Is This The Correct Time to Start During Pandemic?

If you are taking this COVID-19 scenario as the starting point, I strongly suggest you start your online business during the second quarter of this year. It is not a suggestion to start now; however, just a thought for your consideration if you are unsure if you will be ready to take on the challenge to start your online business in the first quarter

I would also say this is an absolute priority.

Would Starting Online Business Now Prevent This From Happening?

There is also the possibility that COVID-19 may not happen at all. We do not know if the COVID-19 scenario will occur or at what time this will happen. We know the chances exist, and if it occurs, it will be during this year’s COVID-19 or most likely to occur in the first quarter of 2018. Therefore, I strongly suggest you take action to start an online business, even if you don’t believe COVID-19 will be a reality during this period.

Don’t Do This Based On Consistency:

Another thing to consider is that if you start the online business when COVID-19 does not happen, it might not be suitable for your business, or your business will likely not get off to a fast start during this timeframe. It may result in you leaving the business alone for some time before returning and re-engaging in your efforts to promote the business. 

Start The Online Business If You Can Start

Given the uncertainties of this COVID-19 scenario, I would not recommend starting the online business if you are unsure if you can get it off the ground in this timeframe.

Are You Sure Your Business Can Start Online In This period? Would Starting Now Stop The Scenario From Happening?

Yes, this is a very valid question, but if you are sure your business can start online in this timeframe, you should take action. It may require additional investments, so it is not something you should jump into. There may be things you need to add or do that you are not sure about.

Think About This

I know if the COVID-19 scenario occurs, you will need to make some decisions for your business. You may need to make some adjustments. You will likely have to make some investments to start and grow your online business. These are changes you do not want to delay or neglect.

But in the end, would starting your online business in this timeframe prevent the scenario from happening? I say no, and there is no guarantee it will.

Is Starting This Year’s COVID-19 Scenario A Prescription For Success?

No. Your actions are necessary, and what you do today will likely result in your success or failure. But this scenario is a theoretical problem and potential opportunity, so there is no need to worry and make it real right now. Take your time and do what you think is correct, then reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of your decisions.


I know what this COVID-19 scenario means to me. It is a different scenario from the one I presented in Part 1 of this article. This time I have chosen the starting point of a business, an online business, and not a sole proprietorship or business which operates solely out of your home. Also, this scenario requires the business to operate for some time, a short amount of time. I would strongly suggest you begin your online business in the second quarter of 2017, even if you are unsure if you will have the ability to get off the ground in this timeframe. If you are looking to establish your business in this timeframe, it will be this year’s COVID-19, which is not likely to happen.

Important Tips Before Starting Online Business

Having said this, I would caution you to start your online business when you are sure you can get it off the ground. It is not a recommendation to start online right now, but rather an idea of how long it might take to start. We do not know how long this will take. Still, given the possibility of this COVID-19 scenario being a possibility, I suggest you are very cautious and careful with your online business. It is a very legitimate and genuine possibility.

When it comes to this COVID-19 scenario, there are different possibilities for starting an online business. Online businesses are all different, and even what you do may not prevent COVID-19 from occurring. Some business owners have found the process of setting up online businesses to be complicated, while others have had great success in this endeavour. It is a complex process, but once you get into it, it can become very straightforward.

 I would not recommend starting your online business if you are not willing to commit to an online business when it first starts. It may mean starting it later, or maybe never getting started. It is what you need to decide based on your experience and the resources available. There are various decisions you are required to make. But if you start the online business right now, it will likely be in this year’s COVID-19 scenario.

Read the COVID-19 Scenario

This article is not the end of the discussion about this COVID-19 scenario, and I hope some of you will share what you think is best with your peers and online businesses. The more knowledge you have about the issue, the more you can protect yourself and your business. We should not forget that business is all about learning and making decisions to create the best possible outcome.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or contact me via the online discussion forum here.

Whether an online business is a good idea or not, you need to understand the different possibilities that may happen, the consequences, and what you can do to protect your business.

 I encourage you to do what you think is best. Many business owners out there are not in business for the money, but instead, they are making a living and building their business. It is also good to have

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