What Is The Role Of Business Administration In Economic Development?

What Is The Role Of Business Administration In Economic Development?

The association of government entities related to the supply and distribution of business and commercial services exists worldwide.  The administration division under business company, commonly called business administration, administers government resources in the civil and criminal domains.

With the globalization of business administration, it has become an essential factor in economic development. Business administration is where administrations of different kinds and administrations that reside in a corporation operate in their roles. 

Government leaders and managers of corporations and government agencies regularly deal with business administration. Business company provides insight into the operation of government agencies and how business is to be run.

Employment and Labor

Business administration is the primary department in many businesses that supervises the activities of the entire organization. Also, it is generally where most of the workload for a company comes from. 

It is where many of the duties are done, it can include accounting, financial planning and budgeting, customer services, planning. And directing activities, and so on. 

Many different businesses rely heavily on the employment of business company. Administration performs the duties that keep the organization running and functioning. It prepares budgets, provides guidance, and provides answers to inquiries of the employees.

 Employees are often left confused about some business decisions because of the lack of answers to questions that arise. It is where business administration can be a crucial part of the problem.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is a significant part of business company. Specifically, it is define as the process of recording. And analyzing all relevant financial information of an organization, it is where a company tries to determine the income and expenses of the entire organization. 

It involves recording the incomes. And expenditures of the organization, their sources, and their circumstances, it does this without paying attention to special occasions such as finances that occur in a corporation.


Trading is the activity of investing in securities or other financial instruments to generate the expected profit. Specifically, it is generally a time-consuming and challenging process that is not considered successful unless there is a potential return of at least ten to twenty percent of the investment made. 

It is common to observe that the payout of financial profits is generally much smaller than the investment of economic gains. Accordingly, it is challenging to raise the profit when investments are made with a negative payout and typically occurs when investment activities are made in an industry that is not very profitable. 

Trading activities can take place in individual corporations or within an organization that operates as a corporation. It is often a very lucrative industry due to the potential for profits. In the business industry, therefore trading activities are usually practiced by corporations. It is common for corporate securities to be traded in the stock market.

Business Administration

Business company is where businesses and corporations operate. Accordingly, it is a branch of administration that operates based on business company and comprises the administration related to different aspects of business that operate under one business entity.

Likewise, it includes accounting, financial reporting, financial management, and so on. However, it is where companies that are involve in the business of transportation.

Business administration is also where government organizations operate. There is a significant difference between government organizations and private businesses run based on a business company. Accordingly, government agencies and businesses are the bodies that cover the activities of a business in certain geographical regions. In the government sector. However,businesses are the administrative bodies use to perform government regulation activities.

Role of Government Organizations

Government organizations are the administrations that are under the jurisdiction of the business administration branches. For example, government departments such as the Department of Agriculture are administrations under the jurisdiction of business company. However, government agencies are where a business administration branch is a necessary part of government operations. Specifically, private businesses usually do not require or employ business administration at all.

The next time you are in the government or private sector of a business administration branch, consider asking questions. However, it is the role of business administration to ensure the operations are carries out correctly and safely. Likewise, all business administration functions must be performs properly, as the business is views as a publicly owned company.

There are many functions performs in the government, private, and even business sectors. However, it is essential to ask questions of the administrations that operate. Specifically, businesses operate differently. They do not have the benefits of the government sector in their operations. Therefore, it is essential to inquire about what functions are performs in the government sector.

Specifically, administrations that work in the private sector are similar to corporations. These are business organizations that operate as individuals. 

  • Likewise, one difference is that business organizations are not considers confidential. And therefore they are not liable by the law to work. 
  • A business organization may use one function to carry out activities associated with another business organization.

Role of Business Administrations:

Administrations that work in the private sector are businesses that are compose of individuals. 

  • Specifically, it is the role of a business company to work as an administrative branch of a corporation. 
  • One other difference between private and government administration is that organizations under the jurisdiction of a corporation or business company branch can have more than one administrator in the private sector.

Likewise, administrations that work in the private sector may operate independently, under the direction of a single administrator. However, it is not unusual for private organizations to have many administrators.

In Crux:

Business Administration is not the branch of business that is usually see as the business company branch. Corporations generally use business company, but it is a separate operation. Specifically, private organizations do not require a different administration to be in process. 

Government agencies need an independent administration for every business company branch that is under their jurisdiction. It is common for government agencies to have more than one administration. However, business administrations that work in the private sector will typically have separate administration for each organization they work with.